Emerald Magazine Features Loft Tea in Holiday December 2015 Issue

"Living in Brooklyn, there are some common sentiments you often hear. Usually, it’s the observation that Brooklyn is changing rapidly, in terms of population growth and development. The most exciting part of living in Brooklyn is observing new businesses popping up constantly. That’s why it was a pleasant surprise to learn about Loft Tea, a modern wellness company based in Williamsburg that boasts “specialty teas, organic flowers, wild herbs and cannabinoid infusions formulated for each part of your day.” I had the pleasure of speaking with Michael Christopher, the founder of Loft Tea, about his products and his vision. “We’ve been around for about 2 years, and we just incorporated this year. Starting this business was a dream of mine."
The products that Loft Tea offers are innovative, and represent what we at the Emerald Magazine consider to be the future of cannabis culture. Using organic, locally cured teas and pairing them with naturally extracted cannabinoids, these beverages are deliciously well crafted. " via Hilary Anne Osborn at Emerald Magazine

Read the full article by grabbing a copy at your favorite dispensary or accessories shop in California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Vermont, Maine and New York OR View the digital issue here: