"Years ago, Michael Christopher took up yoga as a way to deal with his old athletic injuries. In doing so, he ignited an inner passion for health and wellness that directly laid the foundation for Loft Tea; a company that offers infusions aimed to enhance daily wellness routines through the application of proprietary blends that are optimized for active mornings, energizing afternoons and restful evenings. For Michael, success means more that simply building a website and throwing up product. Success means education, wellness and the promotion of an overall health based lifestyle. Loft Tea is accomplishing this idea by focusing on the non-combustible cannabis delivery systems. According to Michael, it’s time to ‘give our lungs a break’. Recently he gave us a break and came down from his ‘loft’ to ‘tea’ch us a thing or two about how he became who he is today." 
read the entire interview: https://www.cashinbis.com/michael-christopher-lofty-goals-for-loft-tea/